Accountability Knowledge: The Sources of Your Data

TEA collects data from a variety of sources to complement what districts submit through the Texas Student Data System (TSDS) PEIMS. Your data is the foundation of your accountability rating, so it’s important for it to be accurate and reliable. TEA has established several steps to protect the quality and integrity of the data that drives accountability ratings.

Understanding the sources of the data will help ensure that the collection of CCMR indicators is accurate. Each data source is listed in the Appendix of the 2019 Accountability Manual. Here’s what TEA collects directly from other entities:  

Meet Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Criteria in ELA/Reading and Mathematics. 

TSI scores are sourced from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB). SAT scores are sourced from the College Board, and ACT scores are sourced from ACT. College Prep ELA/Math successful completion is sourced from TSDS PEIMS. Students meet college readiness benchmarks with their highest scores on these assessments. 

Meet Criteria on Advanced Placement (AP)/International Baccalaureate (IB) Examination.

This data is sourced from the College Board for AP and International Baccalaureate for IB exam scores.

Complete an OnRamps Dual Enrollment Course. 

This data is sourced from OnRamps. Students who successfully complete an OnRamps course are included in CCMR accountability. OnRamps is the sister initiative of Texas OnCourse.       

Earn a Level I or Level II Certificate. 

This data is sourced from THECB.          

And here’s what TEA collects from TSDS PEIMS submissions:

  • Enlist in the US armed forces
  • Earn an industry-based certification
  • Earn an associate degree
  • Graduate with a completed IEP and workforce readiness
  • Graduate with an advanced degree plan and be identified as a current special education student
  • CTE coherent sequence coursework aligned with industry-based certifications
  • Complete a college prep course
  • Dual credit course completion

To review the data elements in full detail and find out everything you need to know about how data is calculated and collected, see Appendix H – Data in the 2019 Accountability Manual. This appendix also details the data submission process, including the method for correcting data errors or omissions. You’ll also find a helpful TSDS PEIMS data collection calendar.

Districts are responsible for the accuracy of all their TSDS PEIMS data. January 16, 2020, is the deadline for resubmitting Fall PEIMS 2019 graduate information used in CCMR. Any data corrections – including omissions – will need to be resolved by that date. No corrections or omissions will be made in the Fall PEIMS data collection after that date. For assistance on PEIMS reports and the process for data collection and corrections, contact the Education Service Center in your region. 

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