COVID-19 Update: TEA Updates

Posted by Rose Frezza, Texas OnCourse on Aug 7, 2020 1:32:18 PM

This week, we're focusing on TEA updates on COVID-19.

Before we dig in to some new resources, a couple of quick news items:
  1. Governor Abbott confirmed yesterday that local school boards have sole authority in decisions related to school openings. 
  2. As you likely already know, the governor also announced that fifth graders and eighth graders will be exempt from having to pass STAAR tests to graduate this year. Districts will have discretion on grade advancement. 

For resources this week, we’re going to focus on the Texas Education Agency (TEA). First, public health guidance. Second, CTE education guidance. 

First – public health guidance. We wanted to make sure you knew about available public health resources for school districts, like this public health operational guidebook. This guidebook includes tabletop exercise scenarios for response planning. There are also communication templates in English and Spanish and flyers in English and Spanish to promote mask wearing.

Second – CTE education guidance. TEA created a list of CTE courses that may require a portion of the course to be completed on campus. This document is designed to help local agencies plan on-campus time for students during periods of remote-only instruction. The courses included on the list require specialized equipment, direct supervision of hands-on activities, and/or specific materials and technology. 

P.S. Be sure to review our ultimate guide to ensuring student success during COVID-19.

NOTE: This is a transcript of a Facebook Live video that aired on 8/6/20. Watch it here.

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