Hosting a Middle School Career Fair

Posted by Texas OnCourse on Feb 19, 2019 3:20:00 PM

As a middle school educator, are you looking for ways to enhance career exploration at your school? Helping middle school students investigate career options can be quite the task. First, be sure to take a look at our Middle School Resources for in-class activities. Second, consider hosting a middle school career fair! In addition to giving students a better understanding of various careers, a middle school career fair can show how specific careers fit with each of the five endorsements offered in high school. Third, be sure to check out our comprehensive blog on the Basics of Career Exploration for Students.

If you have decided to plan a career fair, Texas OnCourse has a new resource to help! The Middle School Career Fair Toolkit will guide you in coordinating this event.  

Step 1. Begin by identifying goals for the career fair.

Listed below are some goals that you may want to achieve:

  • Expose students to career pathways in all five endorsements
  • Expose students to high-growth, high-demand career opportunities
  • Expose students to postsecondary options such as community colleges, tech schools, and the military
  • Give students the opportunity to ask questions of someone in a career of their interest

Step 2. Reflect on the logistics and participants needed to host a school career fair.

  • Where will the career fair be located? Gym, common area, cafeteria?  
  • Who are key contacts for logistical planning? Think about heat/AC, tables, audio.
  • Who are local industry-based partners to invite?
  • Which local technical schools, junior colleges, and military recruiters would be interested?
  • How should the students rotate through each speaker?
  • What type of handouts will you provide students to help them navigate the fair?
  • How will your campus teachers assist in monitoring students?  

Step 3. Prepare students and teachers to have a successful career fair.

The following Texas OnCourse resources will help outline the framework for success:

Questions for Professionals_v2

We challenge you to host a middle school career fair to make career exploration fun and engaging. Students will gain invaluable real-world knowledge to inspire their futures!

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