Making an Impact: Use Your Funds for CCMR Outcomes

Across the state, administrators are learning more about the intricacies of the A-F Accountability System and what it means for our students and schools. As Texas’ college and career readiness experts, we’re excited to bring you timely updates, such as what districts with excellent outcomes can do with their financial bonuses.

While teacher pay and property taxes were the focus of coverage and conversation around 2019’s school finance bill, HB 3 implements a number of less-popularized school and district changes. Beginning with the current school year, HB 3 will provide financial bonuses to districts demonstrating excellent student outcomes on the ACT, SAT, and TSIA and for industry-based certifications recognized in our A–F Accountability System. 

For more information about the allocation and timeline of distributing these funds, check out TEA’s webinar HB 3 in 30. Many districts and campuses are looking to use the new college, career, and military readiness (CCMR) outcome bonus funds to hire a college and career adviser. This is an allowable use of funds if the work of the college and career adviser is to help students to and through postsecondary programming opportunities and if the position helps more students meet CCMR measures.  

Technology, tools, and learning platforms that support college and career readiness advising are also approved ways to spend the bonus funds. Ideally these systems would help students with college and career modules, opportunities, and postsecondary planning. As a result, the workload of your school counselors may be reduced. 

What you can do now: To ensure that your staff has the latest college and career advising knowledge, register for the Texas OnCourse Academy. Educators can learn at their own pace on CCMR topics of interest, alongside over 12,500 counselors and advisers across the state. They can also earn continuing professional education hours. Consider providing exchange days for your counselors and teachers who participate in the Academy. You can also register to receive our monthly accountability update, called the College and Career Strategist.

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