Military Branch Entrance Requirements

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The below information is drawn from the Texas OnCourse Academy under Postsecondary Pathways >> Admission and Application Process >> Military Academy Applications. 

Students who attend a military academy obtain a prestigious college education while serving their country and exploring the world. Each academy offers different educational options and career opportunities.

If students are unsure which academy would be their best fit, try to encourage them to explore the history, admissions procedures, eligibility requirements, and career options for each academy at their respective websites. In addition, consider sharing the information below -- including most recent admissions statistics --  with students and families to help them make a more informed decision on their best fit.

United States Military Academy:

This academy is commonly known as West Point, and is in West Point, New York. “Cadets” from this four-year, coeducational military academy graduate as second lieutenants in the US Army.

  • Acceptance rate: 9%
  • Percent female: 17
  • Average SAT scores: 627 reading, 645 math
  • Avg ACT composite: 26-31
United States Naval Academy:

This academy is often referred to as USNA, Annapolis, or Navy, and is in Annapolis, Maryland. Graduates receive a bachelor’s degree based on academic, militaristic, and athletic performance.

  • Acceptance rate: 8%
  • Percent female: 29%
  • Average SAT scores: 600 reading, 620 math
  • Average composite ACT score: 26-31
United States Air Force Academy:

This academy, based in Colorado, is the youngest of the five military academies. Graduates receive a bachelor’s degree and are commissioned second lieutenants in the US Air Force.

  • Acceptance rate: 15%
  • Percent female: 23%
  • Average SAT scores: 642 reading, 669 math
  • Average composite ACT score: 27-33
United States Coast Guard Academy:

This academy is located in New London, Connecticut and offers a bachelor’s degree in eight majors including government, marine and environmental science, and several types of engineering.

  • Acceptance rate: 8%
  • Percent female: 35%
  • Average SAT scores: 620 reading, 650 math
  • Average composite ACT score: 26-30
United States Merchant Marine Academy:

This academy, located in Kings Point, New York, trains “midshipmen” in marine engineering, maritime law, and other subjects related to military and civilian sea transport.

  • Acceptance rate: 20%
  • Percent female: 20%
  • Average SAT scores: 633 reading, 647 math
  • Average composite ACT score: 26-30

Looking for easy hand-outs to use in your office or classroom? Download this PDF of admissions information:

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And be sure to check out this PDF of available degree programs to use in advising students:

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