Our Updated College and Career Readiness Curriculum Has New Lesson Plans!

Posted by Rose Frezza, Texas OnCourse on Jul 28, 2020 3:17:47 PM

You may be aware of Texas OnCourse’s College and Career Readiness Curriculum, formerly referred to as the Middle School Curriculum Guide. This curriculum is designed to help educators teach college and career readiness in grades 6–8. To date, this resource has helped over 1,950 Texas educators meet TEKS requirements by using plug and play middle school lesson plans designed to make career exploration fun. 

We have great news! We have refreshed and redesigned the curriculum so that Texas middle school educators can access the most up-to-date college and career information for their students.

Download the brand new College and Career Readiness Curriculum

Here’s a small peek at what you can expect from the new guide:

  • New standards related to positive character traits and student competencies for success
  • More performance assessments with assessment banks and rubrics
  • Longer and more comprehensive units
  • Easier-to-follow lesson plans

The curriculum also includes a strong focus on culturally responsive teaching, influenced in part by educator and author Zaretta Hammond’s Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain. This focus is reflected in the following curriculum design elements:

  • New lessons focusing on growth mindset

    Lesson about growth mindset
  • A deep dive into personal reflection for students

    Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 4.57.10 PM
  • A wide variety of discussion-based activities

    Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 5.02.05 PM

Download the brand new College and Career Readiness Curriculum

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