Strategies for Demonstrating Intent to Enlist

Posted by Texas OnCourse on Nov 20, 2019 4:08:00 PM

Military enlistment has long been a viable postsecondary option for students. Now, enlistment in the armed forces counts as a college, career, and military readiness (CCMR) indicator in Texas’ new A–F accountability system.

The Texas Education Agency’s 2019 Accountability Manual defines the military enlistment indicator as enlisting in the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard or Marines. Reserve components do not count.

Each district is required to maintain supporting documentation for this indicator, recording students who have enlisted or intend to enlist in the US armed forces. This documentation may be subject to audit by the Texas Education Agency.

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Texas school districts are empowered to determine how to best collect and document this indicator. Our partners at ESC 13 in Austin have collected information on systems and processes that districts have implemented to document this information. They have also gathered examples from districts to share with administrators across the state. We have summarized this information and included links to sample documentation below.

Popular methods for military enlistment documentation include administering a senior student survey and documenting direct contact with a recruitment office. 

ESC Region 13 recently asked its districts for feedback on how they are documenting student intent to enlist for CCMR. Most districts in Region 13 issue a senior survey, often at graduation practice or as a form to be completed in order to have final transcripts sent out. Here are some other ideas districts shared:

  • Small districts can conduct an exit interview with each senior
  • Have each senior student complete a college/military enlistment survey in a designated class period
  • Include a final transcript request form with a military enlistment question in the senior student clearance packet
  • Have graduates fill out a military enlistment/intent to enlist form
  • Administer a high school student exit survey that includes the question, “At this time next year, what do you plan to be doing?”
  • Have senior students bring a letter from the recruitment office to document both their absence and their intent to enlist

Additional information on reporting military enlistment is included in the November College and Career Strategist. This monthly accountability email also includes a free resource for tracking CCMR outcomes. To receive the College and Career Strategist in your inbox, click here. 

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