TASFA is getting an upgrade!

Posted by Texas OnCourse on Apr 13, 2022 1:24:42 PM
We’ve got news, everyone. Starting next October, students will have the option to complete the Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA) online!

You probably already know that the TASFA is a free application that collects information to help determine eligibility for state (or institutional) financial aid for non-citizen Texas students, international students, and other students who cannot complete the FAFSA. It’s currently housed as a downloadable document that your student and their family fill out and either mail or upload to universities or colleges to receive state financial aid.  

Starting in October 2022, the process will be simplified. Students will be able to fill out and submit their application completely electronically, and counselors can easily check completion.   

What does this mean for you, your students, and their families?  

Students and families will have easy access to their application online and can save their progress and complete it electronically on their own time.  

Take a look at what’s to come:
  • Access to the application online and the ability to send it to 10 institutions at a time per submission session
  • Validation checks so students don’t forget to input critical information
  • Help icons with answers to common questions
  • Ability to download and print proof of TASFA completion

This refined process will make it easier for institutions to review applications with fewer errors, making it simple to help track applications and transfer over data from previously submitted TASFAs.

Educators, you’ll be able to access both TASFA and FAFSA data through the ApplyTexas Counselor Suite, which will help streamline graduation requirement tracking for seniors. Soon the days of sending out individual applications and tracking down information for each one will be gone.

It’s important to note that students cannot fill out both FASFA and TASFA. Only students who aren’t eligible for FASFA can apply. If your student isn’t sure if they qualify, they can check their eligibility at studentaid.gov. Students unable to access the online TASFA will still have the option to complete a paper form. 

Online TASFA is protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA.)

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