The ApplyTexas Scholarship Section – Don't Forget It!

Posted by Leader Fellow Debra Creel on Oct 9, 2018 3:13:00 PM

Many Texas colleges consider the scholarship application offered by ApplyTexas. Though it isn’t required, the scholarship application can and should be completed at the same time as the admission application, saving students time. Filling both out at once also minimizes the risk of forgetting. For more info on everything related to scholarships, check out our Scholarship Basics blog. 

As they fill out the ApplyTexas scholarship application, I always remind my students:

  • You have to fill out a new scholarship application every time you copy and paste your ApplyTexas application, because each scholarship application is specific to one school.
  • While you can submit the scholarship application after you apply for admission, you can’t submit it if the scholarship deadline has passed.
  • Any student (US freshman, international, transfer, etc.) can complete an ApplyTexas scholarship application. But not every university offers the same type of scholarship. Always check by visiting the university’s financial aid page.

The ApplyTexas scholarship section is a great place for students to start their scholarship search, but it’s not the only place they can look for scholarships. 

Students often need reminders about deadlines, but they also need to know about the importance of completing the scholarship application. I like to remind my students that indirect college expenses such as Scantrons, extra copies, computers, and books are not free and must be paid for by the student and their family. Students often forget that scholarships can be used to help cover the cost of books and living expenses as well.

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