The Student Summer: A Time to Broaden Life Experiences

Posted by Texas OnCourse Leader Fellow Sal Acosta on Jun 25, 2019 1:44:24 PM

What’s a student to do during the summer? After a time, another day at the pool or afternoon spent playing video games can seem humdrum. Summertime offers a wonderful opportunity for students to broaden their life experiences. The more life experiences, the more well rounded the student – and the more potential college essay material! It’s all about changing it up. Here are several options:

Seek professional experience

Students can get a part-time or full-time job in a retail or service setting. If this isn’t possible, then maybe for a day or two they could schedule a job shadowing experience with someone in an area that intrigues them. Reach out to colleague and friend networks to find the right fit! If available, a more extensive internship could expose a student to a full range of experiences. If a student isn’t sure where to start or what sorts of jobs they’d like to shadow, they can start by exploring the careers listed on MapMyGrad.

Do good

One admirable option for students is to volunteer somewhere. There are usually opportunities available in all communities. Some include volunteering at a nursing home, a Boys and Girls Club or YMCA/YWCA, an animal shelter, a food pantry, or the Salvation Army. Have students do some research to be sure that they’re eligible – some volunteer opportunities have age requirements.  

Stretch yourself

One way to gain life experiences is to take a personal growth class. These are usually held at a local community college, university, or community center. Some classes are available online through EDGE, as well! A student could also attend a summer camp focused on athletics, the arts, writing, STEM, or faith. The opportunities are limitless!

Get out

Visiting a local museum or taking a day trip to a larger city to visit museums or cultural centers can be very enriching for a growing mind. If resources are a concern, students can explore virtual museum tours from their laptop and create a wishlist of destinations they’d like to visit in the future. 

For even more productive diversions, don’t forget about our online selection of Texas OnCourse materials. Middle schoolers can play MiddleGalaxy, our space-themed career exploration game, and high schoolers can view our Roadtrip Texas video series on the college and career experience. Happy summer!

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