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Financial Aid Basics for Counselors: What You Need to Know about the FAFSA, TASFA, and More

Posted by Thema Reed, Texas OnCourse on Oct 20, 2020 11:42:31 AM

Thinking about paying for college can seem like a big task for high school students and their families. After all, the average college cost has increased more than 25% in the last 10 years. Luckily, students have more financial aid opportunities now than ever before.

It’s important for high school counselors to understand the impacts of rising student debt. They should also note the different avenues that students have to pay for college to reduce student loans. Applications like the FAFSA, TASFA, and CSS Profile can seem overwhelming, but the benefit for eligible students can be huge.

In this guide, we'll include links to additional articles, webinars, videos, and other resources. And don’t forget to refer to the ultimate source for all postsecondary planning information for professionals: the Texas OnCourse Academy.

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Webinar: Adjusting to College Planning under COVID-19

Posted by Thema Reed, Texas OnCourse on Sep 14, 2020 4:38:31 PM

2020 has been full of unique challenges for educators and students. Many of you are juggling shifting deadlines, new enrollment processes, and new systems for sending students to college this year. In our September 2020 webinar, we break down how to help students plan for college during COVID-19 and share resources to keep you on track. More resources like those in this webinar can be found in the Texas OnCourse Academy under College Costs, Admissions and Application Process, and Financial Aid Application Process.

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TSIA Test Updates: What Texas High School Counselors Need to Know

Posted by Thema Reed, Texas OnCourse on Apr 9, 2020 3:05:56 PM

COVID-19 came in with a crash this admissions season, causing testing delays, school closures, and uncertainty for many high school seniors. But there may be good news for Texas seniors who have not yet taken the TSIA for the 2020–2021 school year.

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