Financial Aid Basics for Counselors: What You Need to Know about the FAFSA, TASFA, and More

Posted by Thema Reed, Texas OnCourse on Oct 20, 2020 11:42:31 AM

Thinking about paying for college can seem like a big task for high school students and their families. After all, the average college cost has increased more than 25% in the last 10 years. Luckily, students have more financial aid opportunities now than ever before.

It’s important for high school counselors to understand the impacts of rising student debt. They should also note the different avenues that students have to pay for college to reduce student loans. Applications like the FAFSA, TASFA, and CSS Profile can seem overwhelming, but the benefit for eligible students can be huge.

In this guide, we'll include links to additional articles, webinars, videos, and other resources. And don’t forget to refer to the ultimate source for all postsecondary planning information for professionals: the Texas OnCourse Academy.

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COVID-19 Update: Scholarships

Posted by Rose Frezza, Texas OnCourse on Oct 14, 2020 4:32:53 PM

With National Scholarship Month just around the corner, we’ve started getting some questions about how COVID-19 will impact scholarships.

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How to Adjust Your FAFSA Strategy due to COVID-19

Posted by Leader Fellow Alum Holly Moore on Oct 13, 2020 4:06:47 PM

When we heard that Texas OnCourse leader fellow alum Holly Moore increased her campus’ FAFSA completion by a whopping 21% in 2017–2018, we had to learn more! We interviewed her about her process and what she did differently than the year before. Holly is now a college counselor at Uplift Grand Preparatory but made this incredible progress while she was at Grand Prairie ISD in 2017. There were approximately 2,400 students at her school, and she worked with approximately 720 seniors each year.

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COVID-19 Update: FAFSA Updates

Posted by Rose Frezza, Texas OnCourse on Oct 2, 2020 12:28:16 PM

Happy October! You know what the first day of October means: The FAFSA is officially open! Today, we have a couple of important FAFSA and financial aid updates to share with you.

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Boosting FAFSA Completion with a Virtual Financial Aid Night

Posted by Rose Frezza, Texas OnCourse on Sep 29, 2020 12:57:48 PM

Normally this time of year, many high schools and districts would be hosting in-person financial aid nights to boost FAFSA completion. Because of social distancing guidelines, many of these sessions need to become virtual. Read on for tips on how to host one and what information to include.

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Updates to the Texas OnCourse Academy Modules

Posted by Texas OnCourse on Sep 16, 2020 4:38:32 PM

We have made some significant updates to modules in the Texas OnCourse Academy! The Academy is our premiere college and career planning resource for educators. 

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