Advising Students with Disabilities: A Guide

Posted by Texas OnCourse Leader Fellow Misty Thomas on Aug 11, 2020 1:10:14 PM

Serving our students with disabilities can be an extra challenge in a virtual environment. This blog post, originally published in July 2019, will help you map out your supports for students with disabilities. 

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COVID-19 Update: Info from TEA

Posted by Rose Frezza, Texas OnCourse on Aug 7, 2020 1:32:18 PM

Hello everyone, and thanks for tuning in to this week’s Facebook Live. Each Thursday at four p.m., we update you on the newest COVID-related education information for Texas.

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Back-to-School Tips from Texas OnCourse

Posted by Allison Rizzolo, Texas OnCourse on Aug 4, 2020 3:35:11 PM

As we enter an uncertain and uncharted year, we at Texas OnCourse will be sharing resources to help you hit the ground running. Look for time-critical posts from us now through Labor Day here, on the blog, as well as on our social media and in our weekly subscription email, the Playbook.

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COVID-19 Update: College Application Season

Posted by Rose Frezza, Texas OnCourse on Jul 30, 2020 4:01:00 PM

Hello! And welcome back to our weekly Facebook Live series on education-related COVID-19 updates. My colleagues and I all hope you have been able to find some respite this summer. We know a lot of you are preparing to return to school in a virtual or hybrid mode, and all of us are facing a completely uncharted year. We’re here to help!

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Our Updated College and Career Readiness Curriculum Has New Lesson Plans!

Posted by Rose Frezza, Texas OnCourse on Jul 28, 2020 3:17:47 PM

You may be aware of Texas OnCourse’s College and Career Readiness Curriculum, formerly referred to as the Middle School Curriculum Guide. This curriculum is designed to help educators teach college and career readiness in grades 6–8. To date, this resource has helped over 1,950 Texas educators meet TEKS requirements by using plug and play middle school lesson plans designed to make career exploration fun. 

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Test-Optional Universities in Texas

Posted by Communications Coordinator Rose Frezza on Jul 7, 2020 12:32:50 PM

The spread of coronavirus has resulted in a plethora of educational pivots since March, and the college admissions process has been no exception. With SAT and ACT testing dates canceled or postponed and testing centers closed, institutes of higher education have reconsidered the role that these exams play in admissions.

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Using Texas OnCourse for Middle School Excellence

Posted by Leader Fellow Mia Bradford on Jun 10, 2020 5:10:00 PM

Right before I left for vacation in March 2018, my supervisor called me into his office and said, “Mia, Dr. Lathan wants to create a comprehensive college and career readiness program for middle school students.” My heart leaped with joy. That’s right. News of a brand-new program I’d be charged with developing the day before vacation made me joyous. Here’s why.

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We Commit to Supporting Racially Just Systems and Practices

Posted by Texas OnCourse on Jun 4, 2020 4:49:25 PM

On this National Day of Mourning, let’s be forthright. This has been a hard couple of weeks to try to go on with business as usual for us on staff at Texas OnCourse. We mourn with you, with the nation, and with the world over the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others who may never be named. George Floyd was raised in Houston. Maybe you knew him. Maybe you taught him. Maybe he was your neighbor, your relative, your student’s relative. Maybe you or your students knew Mike Ramos, Atatiana Jefferson, Botham Jean. Maybe this experience is dredging up past memories and traumas. We recognize that this is a difficult week for you, during a difficult year. We are deeply saddened, we are angry, we worry for the future of all our black and brown children. But we also have hope.

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Updates on Summer School in Texas

Posted by Rose Frezza, Texas OnCourse on May 26, 2020 6:46:59 PM

Hi everyone. This is Rose from Texas OnCourse with your latest news on COVID-19 and Texas education. Last week, a few of you mentioned you were looking for information about summer school, so we have some updates and resources for you.

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Implicit Bias and College Advising

Posted by Rose Frezza, Texas OnCourse on Apr 29, 2020 4:29:06 PM

In the field of education, many of us are well-versed in the differences between explicit and implicit bias. Yet we may not have had candid conversations with ourselves and others about what we can and should do daily to ensure equity in college access; in particular, how to reduce implicit bias in today's virtual college advising setting.

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