Webinar: K-12 Updates from 87th Legislative Session, Texas Education Bills 2021

Posted by Texas OnCourse on Jun 15, 2021 12:30:52 PM

View this webinar for an overview of the 2021 Texas education bills passed during the Regular Legislative Session. The webinar also includes a lively discussion full of questions and best practices from your colleagues across the state. To hear what they had to say, be sure to tune into the recording.

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Webinar: Improving CCMR in Your School District

Posted by Texas OnCourse on Apr 19, 2021 6:15:47 PM

Taking a holistic look at our Texas school districts to determine how we can influence college, career, and military readiness (CCMR) is more important this school year than ever. During this professional development webinar, we show how districts around Texas are improving CCMR using Texas OnCourse. In this webinar, you’ll:

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Supporting Seniors Who Are College Bound During COVID-19

As we approach the end of an unpredictable school year, we applaud you and all the other educators who stepped up to meet the needs of their students, staff, and families during the COVID-19 crisis. Your efforts and dedication have been truly amazing. 

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Six Tips for Implementing Effective PD from Northwest ISD

Posted by Texas OnCourse on May 20, 2020 1:13:06 PM

This year, educators around the state are seeing normal PD schedules disrupted or challenged by COVID-19 restrictions. And many schools and districts are turning to remote PD for the first time.

Northwest ISD, a quickly growing district in Dallas-Fort Worth, has been using the Texas OnCourse Academy to provide virtual lessons to their college and career staff for the past couple of years. Here are some tips that they’ve utilized for implementing professional development along the way. Find more tips and tools like this in our new remote PD toolkit.

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School Administrator Support for Decision Making during COVID-19

COVID-19 has required school administrators to implement necessary school closures and remote learning. In fact, all educators – principals, counselors, and teachers alike – are redefining their roles. With so many new needs from the field, the Texas Education Agency has responded swiftly with extensive guidance and updates. In this edition of the Strategist, we highlight several such resources for school administrator support during COVID-19.

Due to COVID-19, TEA has cancelled STAAR testing for the remainder of the school year and adjusted our state’s A–F Accountability System. For the 2019–20 school year, TEA proposes to label all districts and campuses Not Rated: Declared State of Disaster. College, career, and military readiness data will be reported only on TEA reports such as Texas Academic Performance Reports. It will not be used in ratings calculations for the 2019–2020 school year. 

In just one month, we have shifted from an accountability mindset to focus on student equity and access to remote learning opportunities. Below we highlight some of the key changes that will undoubtedly impact the decisions you make as an administrator through the rest of the 2019–2020 school year.

As schools adjust to remote learning, administrators will create new connections among their students, staff, and community of families. Now more than ever, leaders are evolving and adapting to ensure that students are successful.

Texas OnCourse Support

Texas OnCourse is here to support you and your team in these uncertain times. While best practices may not yet be established, we would like to hear how your leadership team is approaching this unprecedented challenge. Our goal is to share ideas and lessons learned. No one need be alone in leading our districts through this severe disruption to education. Please take two minutes and tell us about your team's leadership during COVID-19. 

Share your experiences

As ever, Texas OnCourse’s professional development and curriculum resources are free and available online. Additionally, our team has created and organized valuable resources for Texas educators and their students specific to  COVID-19. Check out these links and share with your staff:

Covid-19 Resource Roundup for Students

Videos, digital handouts, career assessments, and more for educators to share directly with students while the school doors are closed. We’ll be updating this page with new resources regularly, including a short video series we’re producing in the coming weeks. 

Covid-19 Resource Roundup for Educators

Resources for remote advising and current information from all major Texas education agencies and education service providers. Regularly updated with new links.

Staying On Course for College and Career during COVID-19

Everything educators need to know about helping students stay on course for post secondary success during COVID-19.

Open Discussion: Sharing Practices for Supporting Your Students during COVID-19 Webinar

Over 600 educators registered for this webinar, held live April 7. In it, we and our community of educators shared important updates and practices on working with students at this time. If some of you were able to join us, thank you for participating! Here is access to our webinar recording. We consider it one of our best.  

Additional Resources

TEA Website for Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support and Guidance

This webpage from TEA has general public health resources, superintendent debriefs, and more.

Cybersecurity Tips and Tools (PPT) 

This informational presentation from March 24 covers cybersecurity challenges with a remote workforce.

COVID-19 Mental & Behavioral Health Grief & Trauma Informed Virtual Support and Statewide Resources List (PDF)

It is important to recognize that students and their families may be struggling with stress, anxiety, grief, and loss. This PDF includes a list of statewide resources that can help schools connect families with specific resources as needs are identified.

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TEA Accountability Score Updates: COVID-19

Posted by Rose Frezza, Texas OnCourse on Apr 15, 2020 4:48:00 PM

You’ve likely seen the changes to the August 2020 accountability ratings, but in case you missed it, formal ratings for all Texas school districts will be labeled “not-rated” due to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 emergency. College, career, and military readiness data will be reported only on TEA reports such as Texas Academic Performance Reports. It will not be used in ratings calculations for the 2019-2020 school year.

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The CCMR Outcomes Bonus

Texas OnCourse regularly includes updates on the CCMR Outcomes Bonus and other important accountability topics in our monthly newsletter. Sign up for the strategist to get information straight to your inbox.

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In 2019, the state legislature passed House Bill 3, the school finance bill. Among other items, the bill allocates funding to improve college, career, and military readiness for all students. This funding is known as the CCMR Outcomes Bonus.

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Building Effective Dual Credit Programs

Across the state, we’ve seen significant growth in the number of students taking dual credit or dual enrollment courses while in high school. Dual credit coursework is used as a college, career, and military readiness (CCMR) indicator in 2019 accountability calculations across all three domains. Students who complete three college credit hours in English language arts or mathematics, or nine college credit hours in any subject area, earn CCMR credit.

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Strategies for Demonstrating Intent to Enlist

Posted by Texas OnCourse on Nov 20, 2019 4:08:00 PM

Military enlistment has long been a viable postsecondary option for students. Now, enlistment in the armed forces counts as a college, career, and military readiness (CCMR) indicator in Texas’ new A–F accountability system.

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Understanding Your Role in A-F Accountability

Posted by Leader Fellow Jenny Patrick on Oct 22, 2019 4:06:00 PM

“Snapshot.” This word means so much more than a carefully crafted Instagram photo with a wrinkle-reducing filter. On October 25, 2019, districts across Texas will hold their breath as data is extracted from PEIMS (Public Education Information Management Systems) that will ultimately determine their A–F accountability rating in the form of a snapshot showing “everything as it is today."

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