The Most Popular Endorsements for Texas High Schoolers

Posted by Communications Coordinator Rose Frezza on Nov 6, 2019 12:07:12 PM

As college and career readiness educators, you may have a good feel for what endorsements your local students are choosing, but have you ever wondered how that might compare to statewide academic trends?

In 2018–2019, the popularity of endorsement choices among Texas high school students was as follows (most to least popular):

  1. Multidisciplinary Studies
  2. Business and Industry
  3. Public Service
  4. (tied for fourth place) STEM and Arts and Humanities

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Endorsement selection season is right around the corner! Help your students explore the different endorsements and discover the one that fits them best. Whether you're new to your role or grade level or you just want to brush up on details, we’ve got your back on endorsements and career clusters.

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