What Students Should Know About Today's Job Market

Posted by Texas OnCourse on Apr 9, 2021 4:32:52 PM

Today's high school graduates face a much different economy than graduates in the past did. For example, students now face increased job competition, different skill requirements, and retirement uncertainty.

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Explore the infographic below to learn more about the economic conditions students face upon graduation.

Today_s Economy

Graduates are also entering an entirely different job market. For instance, students in the past would graduate and go to work for a large company, have one job for life, stay in their hometown, and have steadily increasing pay, all while securing retirement. Whereas today’s students tend to work for small companies, have multiple jobs throughout their life, experience pay freezes and cuts, move all over the country/world for work, and deal with uncertain retirement. Past generations could attain well-paying jobs while being in a low-skill profession. There was no real international competition for good jobs. In today’s economy, many graduates who are high-skilled have a hard time finding a job, and low-skilled professions are now low-paying jobs. International competition is cutthroat for good jobs.

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